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The Results are In

In our previous newsletter, we mentioned the lingering uncertainty regarding the 2019 Alberta Provincial election. Did you know we set the record at this election? A record number of electors chose to vote in advance polls – 36.7%, in fact – the highest seen in any Canadian federal, provincial or territorial election.

While the results are in, there are still lingering questions and concerns that will take time to work through:

  • summer 2019Will our new Premier have any more success in getting our resources to new markets?
  • How will the two major cities in Alberta – Edmonton and Calgary – who voted in opposite directions, work together to advance all our causes and needs?
  • How will the overall Alberta frustration with the Federal Government play into all this, especially with the upcoming Fall election?
  • Will the Oilers make the playoffs this year? (We told you some questions are still lingering.)

A City on the Brink of Reinvention – Edmonton Economic Development

It can be easy to get distracted by these questions but we here at The Vogel Group prefer to work with the things we know:

  • Edmonton is a great city to live, work and play. In fact, the Urban Work Index (put together by RBC Future launch and YouthfulCities) recently ranked our city as number 1 in Canada for youth to work in.
  • Our city is in the midst of a $5 billion transformation of active development and investment in downtown.
  • There is no better place in the country to be than The Festival City during the summer. The endless festivals and events throughout this season brings an energy in the air, and we have long days to enjoy them…. we may just need an umbrella on hand.

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation Celebrates 25 Years!

Glenrose 25 yearsAs the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation (GRHF) celebrated 25 years recently, they are excited to begin sharing stories of those who have been instrumental in leading the Foundation to where it is today. One of those stories include our Founding Principal and Board Chair of the GRHF, Rick Vogel.

Insight into his journey can be found on our site here.

What Have We Been Up To?

We have been busy ensuring our clients’ success. When you work with us, we take the time to know you and understand your team, your culture, needs, challenges, history, structure and goals – all before beginning the actual search process. You’ll never have to ‘settle’ for a candidate.

Since our last newsletter in January, we have successfully found:

  • Director of Human Resources for Capital Region Housing (CRH)
  • Director of Customer Service for Capital Region Housing (CRH)
    Largest provider of over 4,500 social and over 600 near market homes.
  • Conduct Counsel for the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA)
    Professional and regulatory body for Alberta’s more than 37,000 Registered Nurses (RN’s).
  • Divisional Director for The Crossing Group
    One of the largest trenchless construction companies in North America.
  • Board Directors for EEDC
    Multi-divisional, multi-location conglomerate agency of the City.

A list of our clients and positions we have worked on in the past can be found here.

We’ll Take It!

Amidst constant rain, clouds and grey, summer is here! Time to get outside during a 45-minute  window of sun. Time to people watch on a patio. Time to enjoy the sights, sounds and city nightlife. Time to epitomize what it means to ‘work hard – play hard’. We’ve been busy balancing summer and continuing to be dedicated and engage with our clients on some exciting and fulfilling roles:

  • Registrar for Alberta College & Association of Opticians (ACAO)
  • Associate Vice President, Communications & Marketing for Athabasca University
  • Multiple roles for BGE Service & Supply including:
    • Account Manager for their Vancouver branch
    • Air Systems Sales Engineer based in either Edmonton or Calgary
    • Senior Account Manager based in Fort McMurray
  • Board of Directors for Capital Region Housing
  • Registrar & CEO for CRDHA
  • Chief Strategy Engagement & Programs Officer (CSEPO) for Habitat for Humanity
  • Vice President, Academic for Medicine Hat College
  • Two roles for Parkland County:
    • Manager, Finance – Capital
    • Manager, Finance – Reporting
  • General Manager for Western Hard Chrome

Snapshots of all these current searches can be found at:

Rick, Julie, Rae Ann and Steven
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