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The Vogel Group

Finding and recruiting the right leaders demands the experience and insight The Vogel Group is able to provide.

Why Choose Us?

The executive search industry has dramatically changed over the years.

Finding people anywhere in our country or around the world is not as difficult as it used to be, if you know where to look. Finding the “right people” for your organization is trickier. Assessing personality, skills, experience, leadership style, IQ and EQ to recruit the best candidate is what The Vogel Group does best.

When you work with us, we take the time to know you and to understand you, your team, your culture, needs, challenges, history, structure and goals before beginning our sourcing activities. We use this understanding to target our recruitment activities to meet your unique needs and make certain you’ll never “settle” for a candidate.

CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, VPs, Executive Directors, University Deans, Theatre Artistic Directors, Directors of Human Resources and Reliability Managers all have one attribute in common – leadership. It’s what we know. It’s what we find. It’s what we deliver. And it’s why clients come back to us again and again to help them find the leaders they need.

Our Commitment to Diversity

We understand and appreciate our clients’ ever-increasing desire for candidates to reflect the communities in which they work and live. The Vogel Group is committed to inclusivity and diversity as we search for outstanding leadership talent for our clients.

We encourage candidates of all ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, physical challenges, sexual orientations and identifications to feel confident in exploring and declaring candidacy for any of our search assignments.

How We Work

Every search, like every client, is unique. There a few things, however, that remain constant with every search process:

  • We will work with you to develop an understanding of your organization, the role you need to fill and the personal and professional qualities required to succeed.
  • You’ll never wonder what’s happening in your search. We’ll keep you informed through written weekly reports, candidate summaries, reference reports and calls. We consider our reporting to be the best in the business!
  • Your work will never be allocated to junior staff members – because we don’t have junior staff members. Who you meet face-to-face is who will lead your search project.
  • We won’t charge administrative fees (photocopying, long distance calling, search support, etc.) as many other firms do. Those costs are covered in our professional search fee.
  • We’ll also work with you to develop a short list, conduct reference checks and present the offer to the successful candidate.

The Vogel Group is with you every step of the way.

Once clients work with us, they stay with us.

Alberta College of Pharmacy | Positions

Competence Director Deputy Registrars Pharmacy Practice Consultants Registrars (2) Senior Director of Operations and Finance

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) | Positions

Board Members (AESC) Board Members (APEX) Director, Policy & Advocacy Executive Officer, Advocacy Executive Officer, Corporate Governance Insurance Defense Counsel

Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association | Positions

Communications & Events Administrator (Current)

Athabasca University | Positions

Associate Vice President, Communications & Marketing Chief Governance Officer & General Counsel Director, Decision Support Director, Finance Reporting & Operational Services Manager, Financial Planning & Budgets Vice President, Finance & Administration and CFO

Bissell Centre | Positions

Chief Programs Officer Director, Resource Development

Canadian National Institute for the Blind | Positions

Director, Philanthropy Director, Public Affairs

Capital Region Housing Corporation | Positions

Board of Directors, 2019 and 2020 Director of Capital Development Director of Customer Service Director of Human Resources Executive Assistant

Citadel Theatre | Positions

Artistic Director Executive Director

Claystone Waste Ltd. | Positions

Chief Operating Officer Manager, Environmental Systems & Projects Business Development Manager Director of Finance Controller Frontline Leadership Assessment and Development 6-Month Program

College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta | Positions

Chief Executive Officer Chief Human Resource Officer Chief Information Officer Chief Officer, Registration & Conduct & Deputy Registrar Chief Professional Practice Officer Conduct Counsel Director, Business Intelligence Deputy Complaints Director Government Relations & Public Affairs Lead

The Greater North Central Francophone Education Region/Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord | Positions

Bilingual Occupational Therapist (Current) Guidance Counsellor School Transportation Coordinator

The Crossing Group | Positions

Division Director, Microtunneling (Current) Office Manager, Kamloops, BC Safety Lead Supply Chain Manager

Current Financial | Positions

Document Control Lead - External Funding Document Control Lead - Internal Funding Vice President, Business Development

Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) | Positions

Board Members (2011-2015, 2017-2019)

Edmonton Screen Industries Office | Positions

Board of Directors (2016, 2018, 2019, 2020) Chief Executive Officer, 2017 and 2021

Finning (Canada) | Positions

Business Development Manager - Rentals Director, Total Rewards General Manager, Strategy, Marketing & Communications Senior Compensation Manager

Habitat for Humanity | Positions

Chief Strategy Engagement & Programs Officer Director, Retail Strategy & Environmental Sustainability

Legal Aid Alberta | Positions

Associate Managing Director (current) Corporate Counsel Legal Services Manager Vice President, Corporate Services Vice President, Representational Services

MacEwan University | Positions

Athletics Director Associate Vice President, Students Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts & Communications

Office of the Auditor General of Alberta (OAG) | Positions

Pay and Benefits Specialist (Current) Audit Principal Audit Process Manager Data Analytics Lead Executive Director, Systems Audit Business Leader Finance & Accountability Lead Internal Managers Legislative Systems Audit Principal (2) Principal, Performance Audit Special Projects Director Senior Accountant

Parkland County | Positions

Director, Financial Reporting Manager, Finance - Capital

RDM Equipment | Positions

Selling Sales Manager (Current)

Rubicon | Positions

Store Operator/Pharmacy Manager (Current)

University of Alberta Properties Trust | Positions

President & CEO

Western Hard Chrome | Positions

General Manager Process Engineer

Workers' Compensation Board | Positions

Board Members Head of Fixed Income Investments

YMCA of Northern Alberta | Positions

Chief Executive Officer Vice President, Human Resources and Leadership Development Vice President, Fund Development Vice President, Marketing and Communications

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