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Can an exclusive executive search firm really scour the country?

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More and more clients are asking, even expecting, search firms to extend their reach beyond city or provincial limits. As an exclusive executive search firm our clients are increasingly asking us to find outstanding talent – wherever it resides.

So here’s a question we get asked regularly,

“Can an exclusive executive search firm in Edmonton, with only a handful of professionals, really scour the country for talent?”

The answer is absolutely. The search world has changed drastically over the years and a big factor has been technology. In the “old days” (all of 20 years ago), you hired a recruiter with the biggest Rolodex. Hopefully, they had offices or colleagues in other cities with similar sized Rolodexes to find candidates across the country suitable for the sought position. Today’s Rolodex is now an online network complete with access to an endless information highway and digital platforms.

From our office on 104 Street overlooking Jasper Avenue, The Vogel Group can confidently find individuals in any sector, with any functionality, and from any industry – anywhere in Canada. Not only can we source, identify and initiate contact with these potential candidates, but “face-to-face” meetings are conducted without leaving our respective offices using VoIP applications such as Skype. Don’t get me wrong, there is always a preference to be physically “face-to-face” when meeting someone and we certainly strive to do so once we have targeted a select pool of outstanding candidates. But our Principals can now effectively and efficiently meet, screen and assess people wherever they live.

Our firm has had a successful 2018. Of all the searches completed in 2018, 11 of those required a national candidate reach (five of those eleven were for repeat clients). The Vogel Group was able to generate 873 qualified candidates in total (259 from within the Greater Edmonton area) with:

  • 90 within Alberta, but outside the Greater Edmonton area;
  • 461 across Canada, excluding Alberta; and
  • 47 from the United States; and 16 internationally

Ultimately 7 of the 11 placed candidates required relocation to Edmonton – exciting news for us and for our city. Keep in mind, once a successful candidate is chosen, The Vogel Group’s work doesn’t end there. For those requiring relocation, any assistance to ensure the candidate’s move is as smooth and successful as possible is made by providing city and community information. We ensure they arrive with their parka, or know where to get one, and know that Edmonton’s most dangerous predator is the mosquito!

Through today’s technological advancements, by establishing deeper and more personal relationships, through high-touch communication and our transparent and tailored search process, The Vogel Group have continually disproven the long-lived belief that “bigger is better”.

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