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Follow the Leader, Fall 2019

FALL 2019

Follow the Leader!


Personal Yet Relevant to Business

Welcome to our Fall 2019 issue of Follow the Leader. While I will get to business in a minute, this edition is going to be a little more personal, albeit very relevant to business…

On Tuesday, October 1st I suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage. It was immediate. It was quick. And it was scary. I am now very familiar with SAH, a type of stroke referring to bleeding within the subarachnoid space – the area between the brain and the tissues that cover the brain.

It’s been a roller coaster of a month… ups, downs and uncertainty. Thankfully, aside from aching to get back to physical activity, I have no impairments and am looking at a 100% recovery. I am beyond lucky.

Aside from the obvious personal perspective taken from this unexpected interruption in my life, during this month of October I have also had the opportunity to reflect and have learned something new about business. We have all felt the pressures and sheer exhaustion as an employee, as a business owner, or as a member of senior leadership at some point. Keeping your employees happy, and your clients happier. Making those deadlines and beating the clock. Keeping commitments. Exceeding last year’s bottom line.

This month, though, I learned something new. There is no real urgency in business. The real urgency should be in what’s truly important to you.

When I was first told they thought I had an aneurysm, urgency took on a whole new definition. This was an emergency and I was immediately transported to another hospital. I had to have a conversation with my wife and one of my sons (the other was on his way from Vancouver) as if it was the last time I would speak to them. What was truly important to me became my urgency.

As I said, I am looking at a complete recovery and am extremely lucky. But I learned that nothing in business is as urgent as telling the people most important in your life that you love them and you are proud of them. That report promised to your client on Friday can go out on Saturday, or even Monday morning if need be. Responding to all those emails within a day, could be completed within a day or two. Whether an employee, a business owner or a member of senior leadership, business would still continue. There isn’t really an urgency in business.

What is far more urgent is that the people most important in your life know what you mean to them. Tell them you love them. Tell them you are proud of them. You may not have Saturday or Monday morning to do that. Do it every day. Make it urgent.

A Time to Give Thanks

I would be remiss in not recognizing my team since my reduced capacity in the office. There has been nary a beat missed since my incident – so a huge thank you and kudos to the team for pulling together – Julie, Steve and Rae Ann.

– Rick


Every year, aside from celebrating Thanksgiving with friends, family and loved ones, The Vogel Group takes time to say thank you to our clients. Our annual Thanksgiving Open House was held in our office complete with nibbles, wine and great company. Thank you to our clients:

This Past Quarter

Amidst my recent medical emergency, The Vogel Group has maintained our commitment of excellent to our clients. This past quarter we have successfully completed the following assignments:

  • Associate Vice President, Communications and Marketing for Athabasca University
  • Account Manager (Vancouver) for BGE Service and Supply
  • Board of Directors Members for Capital Region Housing Corporation
  • Chief Strategy Engagement & Programs Officer for Habitat for Humanity
  • General Manager for Western Hard Chrome
  • Manager, Finance – Capital for Parkland County
  • Portfolio Manager for Greater Edmonton Foundation (GEF) Seniors Housing
  • Registrar & Chief Executive Officer for the College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta (CRDHA)

Our current workload is strong – aside from some confidential searches, right now we’re working on the following:

  • Air Systems Engineer for BGE Service & Supply based in Edmonton
  • Board of Directors Members for Edmonton Screen Industries Office (ESIO)
  • General Manager for Rohit Communities based in Edmonton
  • Manager, Finance – Reporting for Parkland County
  • Process Engineer for Western Hard Chrome
  • Senior Account Manager for BGE Service & Supply based in Fort McMurray
  • Vice President, Academic for Medicine Hat College

Know of anyone that may be interested in hearing more about these current searches?

Snapshots can be found at:

The Vogel Group,
Rick, Julie, Rae Ann and Steven

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