Claystone Waste Ltd. - Board of Directors

Status: Filled

Location: Edmonton, AB

We are looking for experienced Board Directors to form Claystone’s inaugural Board.

The Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission, also known as Beaver Municipal Solutions, was created in 1992 and provides waste management services to the residents and businesses of its member municipalities which include Beaver County, the Village of Holden, the Village of Ryley, the Town of Tofield and the Town of Viking.

As the size and complexity of operations have grown so have the benefits to the municipal members and community residence. Since 2014, Beaver Municipal Solutions has provided over $14.3 million in dividends to its member municipalities.

Municipal members of the commission have been studying the need to transition from a regional services commission to a new corporate structure of a municipally controlled corporation. Regional Services Commissions allow Alberta municipalities to deliver municipal services on a cost recovery model while municipally controlled corporations are a for-profit entity that is owned by a municipality, or group of municipalities designed, to provide dividends back to member communities.

Under Alberta laws, regional services commissions are not intended to provide dividends back to member municipalities, but the municipally controlled corporations are. In order to protect and grow community benefits to residents, promote municipal sustainability, and enable future waste management operations to be conducted in a more flexible manner, Beaver Municipal Solutions and its shareholding municipalities are now formally proposing to transition to a municipally controlled corporation called Claystone Waste Ltd. (“Claystone”).

We are looking for experienced Board Directors with the following skills and experience:

  • Legal | environmental | regulatory industry (preferably a lawyer)
  • Accounting | financial (preferable a designated accountant)
  • Technical environmental and/or engineering
  • Strong business/operational leadership
  • Government | public policy
  • Senior financial institution
  • Public relations | media | communications
  • Senior risk assessment and management

Application deadline: 12:00pm (MDT) Monday September 21, 2020

For more details on what attributes, skills and experience our client is seeking for the inaugural Board, please contact Rick Vogel to receive a full profile either at or at 780.665.4965 ext. 101.


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