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“AI is here. Why do Recruiters Still Exist?” – Top Recruiter Canada 2018

“Finding people is not the major challenge anymore – finding the right people is.”

Rick Vogel was recently asked by Top Recruiter to submit a Guest Blog. Here’s an excerpt:

“There was no email. Nobody had cell phones… Gas at the pump was $0.50 per litre. Apple Computer introduced the $3,000 Macintosh Plus, featuring an 8 MHz 68000 processor, 1 MB RAM, a new keyboard with cursor keys, a numeric keypad and an 800kB 3.5-inch floppy drive….In order to be successful, I had to interact with people all day, every day, either over the phone or face-to face.”

To read the entire blog submission, click here: “AI is here. Why do Recruiters Still Exist?

Rick is also a nominee for Canada’s Top 100 Recruiter Awards 2018, recognizing top recruiters nominated and recommended by companies and candidates for displaying exemplary professionalism: highly trusted & consistently outperforming with genuine passion for the industry.