Executive Director / Registrar - Alberta College of Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologists

Status: Filled

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

The Alberta College of Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologists (ACCLXT) is a not-for-

profit organization responsible for regulating the practice of Combined Laboratory and X-Ray

technologists in the public interest. Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologists play an

important role in the diagnosis, disease prevention and public health surveillance.


Reporting and accountable to the Council of ACCLXT, the Executive Director/Registrar (EDR) is accountable for the regulatory, policy and operational leadership/management of ACCLXT in compliance with the legislation and ACCLXT’s bylaws, policies, and guidelines.

The EDR provides effective leadership and management of ACCLXT ensuring integrity, effectiveness, and efficiency of the operation. The EDR ensures that  Council is provided with current, accurate, and complete information and advice for Council decision making; overseeing and administering financial affairs of ACCLXT; and providing the leadership and overall direction in organizational management, issues management, and planning, including all staffing and operational matters.

As the Registrar, this position ensures compliance with all Registrar functions and registration processes in alignment with the HPA and the Regulation.


Core Competencies

  • University degree – with post graduate education in health system administration, business, or another related field. Equivalent experience may be considered.
  • Relevant educational programs or courses in finance, human resources, risk management, general administration, and communications would be considered an asset.
  • Broad understanding of how a health regulatory college operates within Alberta, including applicable legislation, the role of the College in the protection of the public, and the role of Council within a health regulatory college.
  • Demonstrated strategic leadership experience with planning, implementation, evaluation, and organizational development skills, and a clear understanding of the health regulatory community, policy development, public interest, and professional practice.
  • Understanding of legislation and organizational best practices. Good understanding of Governance and reporting to/working with Boards/Councils.

Key Responsibilities

Corporate Administration

  • Create and manage the annual budget for Council approval.
  • Administer the implementation of the approved budget in a cost-effective manner, including providing final approval on all bookkeeping, payroll, invoices.
  • Coordinate and support the annual audit process.
  • Manage human resource areas including compliance with legislation and ACCLXT policy, hiring, performance review, compensation, and termination.

Governance and Council Support

  • Attend all Council meetings, ensuring that any notices required of these meetings are provided to the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Ensure the orientation of members of Council and committees with respect to their roles and responsibilities and the legislation and policies governing the Council and ACCLXT’s committees.
  • Keep informed of government activities and activities of other regulatory bodies and advise Council, as appropriate.
  • Review and maintain ACCLXT Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

External Relations

  • Speak for and on behalf of ACCLXT with respect to its policies and positions within the bounds of Council’s direction.
  •  Develop and maintain senior-level contacts and working relationships with appropriate government and other agency officials interested in, or responsible for, the regulatory role of ACCLXT and act as a primary spokesperson with these officials.

Registrant Competency

Work with the Director of Competency and Evaluation to ensue the Continuing Competency Program (CCP) is compliant, effective and responsive.

Complaints Director and Registrant Conduct

  • Appointed as Complaints Director and perform all duties as outlined in Part 4 of the HPA
  • Direct the ACCLXT response to allegations of unprofessional conduct, including complaint dismissal, investigation, expert assessment, alternative complaint resolution, and incapacity assessment.
  • Investigate or appoint an investigator and provide Notice of Investigation.
  • Attend Hearing Tribunals with ACCLXT legal counsel.
  • Instruct legal counsel concerning all matters in Part 4 of the HPA.

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