Chief Administrative Officer - Town of Drayton Valley

Status: Filled

Location: Drayton Valley

Surrounded by the trees, fields, and the rolling hills of Brazeau County, between the North Saskatchewan River and the Pembina River you will find the Town of Drayton Valley. Located 90 minutes southwest of Edmonton, and having a population around 7000, Drayton Valley offers endless ways to experience the area, indoor and out, and in any season.


Reporting to Council, the Chief Administrative Officer (“CAO”), is the senior executive to Council and is responsible for the overall planning, budgeting, strategic leadership, and management of the administration of municipal operations as guided by the objectives, plans and policies approved by Council and in accordance with the Municipal Governance Act (MGA).

The CAO will be required to reside with reasonable proximity to the Town of Drayton Valley.


The Town of Drayton Valley seeks an energetic, dynamic, progressive, and collaborative leader. In addition to possessing superior tact and diplomacy skills, they will have a strong sense of fairness and compassion, exceptional relationship building skills, and the ability to build and support strong teams.

The CAO will have the ability to create a respectful environment in which diverse perspectives and opinions can emerge and spur transformational ideas.

Core Competencies

  • An undergraduate degree in business or a relevant field. A combination of alternative education and experience will be considered.
  • A proven track record of organizational leadership with demonstrated success in change management.
  • A strong understanding of, and commitment to, public service (preferably within a municipality).
  • Strong financial and business acumen.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manages and administers the business of the Town of Drayton Valley in accordance with the bylaws, policies, resolutions, and plans approved by Council.
  • Develop and implement the operational plan to achieve the mission, vision and nine key objectives established in the current Strategic and Corporate Business Plan.
  • Provides strategic management direction and leadership for the Town of Drayton Valley by organizing and establishing corporate objectives, broad policies, and long-range strategies,
  • Exercises and maintains sound financial management over the Town of Drayton Valley. Effectively monitors the annual estimates of revenues and expenditures, as approved by Council, and complies with the current operating and capital budgets of the municipality. 

Other Areas of Responsibility

  • Develops and promotes an inclusive culture respectful of the diversity of people and their respective skills. Extends this to the broader community by promoting awareness of cultural diversity, working to build bridges of understanding between individuals and community groups.
  • Acts as “the face of the Town” by navigating and managing formal and informal channels and networks with Council, the Town staff, the media, the private sector, neighbouring municipalities, all levels of government and related agencies.
  • Represents the interests of the Town of Drayton Valley on federal, provincial, regional, and local municipal intergovernmental issues and with the boards, agencies and commissions at the management and administrative level.
  • Ensures that all employees are provided a safe and healthy workplace consistent with applicable legislation, corporate standards and initiatives.

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